What are the benefits?

ANMOPYC is continuously working in the improvement of the services that we offer to our company members, so that they can be, day by day, more competitive in the global market.

Exports Promotion

ANMOPYC works with Ministry of Economy and Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior (ICEX) being in charge of making promotional plan of Spanish Construction and Mining Equipment. That means the organisation and attendance to the main international exhibitions (Bauma, Intermat, Smopyc, Conexpo, Saie, Batimat, Cemat, etc), Trade Missions and Inward Missions. As well ANMOPYC makes market research trips, seminars, advertising campaigns and media production. Anmopyc pays also attention to information requests received through website, e-mail, fax, telephone, Spanish Commercial Offices all over the World, tenders, etc.

Support to internationalisation

At the moment a third of our member associated companies commercialize their products through subsidiary companies all over the world.ANMOPYC's member associated companies are directly presents in 22 countries. The almost 80 subsidiary companies of ANMOPYC's members are located in Four continents (Europe, America, Asia y Oceanía).

Participation in R+D projects

ANMOPYC promotes and takes place in several R+D European and international projects sometimes as a group or including member companies. The objective is to get more competitiveness to products and companies. Thanks to it companies have updated information about last technical and management developments.

Normalisation and legislation

ANMOPYC is member of CECE, Committee for European Construction Equipment and AENOR Spanish Association for Normalisation and Certification. That means that ANMOPYC follows closely any policy or legal development concerning the construction industry on domestic or international basis. It takes also part in CECE and AENOR Technical Committees. Both of them are in connexion with International Technical Committees.

Marketing and Communication

ANMOPYC General Catalogue has been updated both printed and CD as well brochures just to spread information about the Association between Spanish manufacturers not members and foreign companies interested in buying equipment and components for construction.

ANMOPYC develops advertising campaigns coinciding with the main international construction exhibitions (BAUMA, BATIMAT, SMOPYC and INTERMAT) trough hiring advertising spaces to announce our attendance with member companies.
At the moment ANMOPyC website , www.anmopyc.com is a very important and useful promotion tool thanks to companies and products on-line catalogue.

Advertising in construction magazines:
ANMOPYC, sponsored by ICEX, mades advertising campaigns in principal international construction magazines to promote Spanish equipment.

Information services

ANMOPYC carries out market research trough trips to unknown markets, compiles news about different interesting countries, international situation, economic indicators (cement consumption, residential building, etc.) exhibition, events, congresses, meetings, etc...

ANMOPYC also has information external sources and its own data base with contacts all over the World thanks to promotional activities developed (exhibition, trade missions, etc.). They are all at the disposal of member companies.

Other services

Another companies and organisms not manufacturers but involved in construction industry (dealers, rental companies, Associations, technical magazines, exhibitions, etc) and those that give different services to ANMOPYC and their members.