Scissor lift platform for mining


The MINELIFT 4 scissor lift platform has been designed and developed to optimize the logistics of underground mining operations. With a lifting height of 4 meters and 4 ton capacity, the equipment is available in two configurations. In its basic configuration, MINELIFT 4 provides a safe working platform for the elevation of personnel and cargo in underground works, while the configuration for piping installation additionally includes an extendable platform of 700 mm, a crane with high load capacity to lift pipes in an easy and safe way as well as a pipe handling system with two independent telescopic arms. There is also the option to configure the equipment for ventilation system installation, including an auxiliary lift table. The 6-cylinder, 130 kW (174 HP) engine gives the equipment great climbing and driving capacity, as well as the potential to be used at high altitude. A compact design with 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering provides excellent traction and maneuverability in small galleries and tunnels. 

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