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NUBA Screening Media

NUBA Screening Media

NUBA Screening Media is Spain`s most important manufacturer of screening media for the mining industry and quarrying or gravel exploitation, with a very solid
and growing presence in more than 60 countries.Established in 1968, our main objective is to combine our experience, the quality of our products and
our personalized technical service, in order to achieve high levels of client satisfaction and loyalty. A proof of this is our wide range of clients, from major
international fi rms to small family based businesses.
Our extensive product range includes: woven or welded steel (HR or Inox) Wire Mesh, Anticlogging (self cleaning) Meshes, Polyurethane Tension Screens,
Polyurethane Modular Systems, including our patented TN system and most other systems available in the market, tensioned or self-supporting Rubber
Screens, Perforated Plate Screens, Wedge Wire Screens and divers Accessories.

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