Lana was founded in 1962. Over the last two years we have made investments of 12 million which has increased our production capacity to 2 million m2 board/year, making us the 2nd largest European manufacturer in production and sales.

This year we expect to achieve a turnover of 24.2 million (a 20% increase) 8% corresponding to exports. Lana S.Coop. began its activity under the form of a Rural Co-operative.

At the outset, it focused on Forestry, Dairy and Livestock Activities. Logically, these Divisions began to grow in size and complexity what led to the need to create separate Co-operatives.

As a result, the Livestock and Dairy Areas were segregated at the end of the 80s. Todays Lana is the development of the original Forestry Division.In 1994 Lana became a Worker Co-operative, with the manufacture and marketing of end-use wood products as activity. Its products are targeted for the building and furniture sectors. Lana is divided into 2 Business Units: Formwork and Rustic.

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